Two Products In One

Aestiva Travel and Expense automates two processes; first, it automates the submission of travel requests and their approval. Then it automates the expense reports written after travel, their approval, and the processing of approved expense reports.

Best of all, this solution is from Aestiva, world-leaders in paperwork automation. We can use your paper or spreadsheet designs, add special integration with accounting or ACH, and satisfy just about any request. A base system includes:

Pre-Travel Request
‣ Custom travel request design
‣ Approval routing
‣ Advanced reporting
‣ SOX-compliant design
‣ Create/Link to expense form
‣ No desktop software needed
‣ 100% browser-native
Post-Travel Expense Report
‣ Custom expense report design
‣ Receipt management
‣ Approval routing
‣ Advanced reporting
‣ Policy compliance
‣ View pre-travel Info
‣ 100% browser-native

Don't need pre-travel requests? Then see Aestiva Expense Report.
See also: Features. FAQs. Reference.

Price Tiers for Aestiva Travel and Expense Software
One-time (non-recurring) pricing based on number of active named users.
Price below includes setup and installation. Please call for quotation.

TRE-15 $3,995 (Up to 15 users)
Plus $129 per additional user.
TRE-50 $5,995 (Up to 50 users)
Plus $119 per additional user.
TRE-150 $14,995 (Up to 150 users)
Plus $99 per additional user.
Other Call for pricing.
Scaleable to 100,000+ users.
*Cloud Hosting option also available.

Travel and Expense Software - Enterprise Systems

Aestiva Travel and Expense can be installed for the entire enterprise. Aestiva delivers:

  • Multi-Lingual and Multi-Currency Travel and Expense Systems
  • Distributed Systems (Servers installed around the world)
  • Scaling to Over 100,000 Users
  • Solutions Hosted In-House or 100% Outsourced
  • Deployment Planning and Opportunity Consulting

Aestiva's Travel and Expense Systems have low-IT overhead and can be deployed quickly. Our "simple-is-better" design philosophy matches well with the goals of Aestiva's enterprise customers. For further information please call Aestiva and ask for an Enterprise Deployment expert.

Travel and Expense Software Extensions

This Travel and Expense Software product may be extended with a wide variety of expense management add-ons and extensions. For further information please speak to your Aestiva Account Coordinator.

Partial (alphabetical) list of extensions:

Booking Service Integration - The ability to connect and/or integrate with an external booking agency or service.

Credit Card Upload - Corporate - Admin ability to import credit card information into your expense report software system so they are automatically applied to user expense reports.

Credit Card Upload - End-User - Ability to import credit card information directly into an expense report.

Off-line Form Import - The ability for the user to import spreadsheets directly into their Travel Request and Expense Report screens.

OCR and Auto-Match - The ability to automatically extract vendor names, amounts and dates from receipts and use it to match those receipts against information placed on the expense report and/or credit card transactions.

Policy Flagging - Ability to flag expense reimbursements and/or follow special approval flows for expense reports that are out-of-policy. (Now included with base product!)

Receipt Imaging - By eFax - Allows expense approval requests to be processed via fax requests.

Receipt Imaging - By email - Allows expense approval requests to be processed via email requests (cell phone with camera or desktop with scanned receipts required). (Now included with base product!)

General Information Box
About Travel and Expense Software
Travel and Expense Software, also known as Expense Management Software, streamlines expense reports related to business travel and reimbursement. Some Travel and Expense Software systems also manage pre-travel requests in addition to automating the expense report process.

The Aestiva Travel and Expense Software product automates both processes. If you only need to automate the process of submitting, approving, and processing expense reports then you will want to look at the Expense Report Software product.

The Forms Behind a Travel and Expense Software Solution
When automating pre-travel requests and expense reports, you'll want to use two electronic forms. In some ways, a Travel and Expense Software product is two products in one; an Expense Report Software product and a Pre-travel Request Software product. You'll have a pre-travel request form for submitting, approving, and processing pre-travel requests, and an expense request form for submitting, approving, and processing expense reports.

The setup of the Travel and Expense Software will include the design of both forms and the definition of both processes. The two are related, since pre-travel requests appear on related expense reports. The Travel and Expense Software will contain both forms.

Ease of Use in Travel and Expense Software Systems
Like all Travel and Expense Software environments, your Expense Management Software solution must be easy to use and streamlined. This is why Aestiva has the business process automation to design your electronic forms to meet your specific needs, and why we always assemble to order.

Thankfully, as a world-leading business process automation firm, we have special technology built into the Travel and Expense Software to make designs and re-designs possible and efficient. It is an integral part of every Travel and Expense Software deployment.

A Travel and Expense Software Product You Can Trust
Aestiva is a leading provider of Business Process Automations. Aestiva sells Travel and Expense Software systems to small, medium, and large organizations. Whether you need a Travel and Expense Report Software system for five or five thousand users, we can help.

Why SaaS-based Travel and Expense Software Is Poor Expense Management
About half of all Travel and Expense systems today are sold under a SaaS pricing model where you pay repeatedly, every year, for the Travel and Expense Software product.

The premise of buying a Travel and Expense Software product with an annually recurring fee is based on the false assumption you get 100% IT outsourcing with a SaaS that you cannot get when you buy the Travel and Expense Software product.

If you want 100% IT outsourcing of a Travel and Expense Software solution there is no need for SaaS. Instead, you buy a Travel and Expense Software product from Aestiva and host it at an Aestiva-approved hosting provider of Travel and Expense Software. Instead of paying tens of thousands of dollars per year on SaaS you pay for the hosting and Aestiva Support separately. Your costs after year can go down by 80%. It's ironic so many buyers of Travel and Expense Software do not practice better spend management.

Why Your Expense Report Software May Just Be The Beginning
Aestiva sells software other than Travel and Expense Software. Many Aestiva customers, after they invest in automating an expense report process with an Aestiva Travel and Expense system, buy other products from Aestiva. An investment in a Travel and Expense Software product opens the door to more automations. Aestiva also sells Purchasing systems, Asset and Inventory software, HR Software systems, and much more. Of course, at this time you may want to focus on getting a great Travel and Expense Report Software product, but keep in mind, this may just be the beginning.
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More Value
View advanced features provided with all Aestiva products.

   More Value.

  • Products can integrate with non-Aestiva products.
  • Products include dynamic reporting system.
  • Products include executive dashboard module.
  • Products are multi-language ready.
  • Products include detailed audit trail.
  • Products can be extended with special features.
  • Products utilize user-friendly paper-like forms.
  • Products are affordable.
  • Products can be installed on your server.
  • Products can also be installed on the cloud.
  • Products can be scaled across multiple servers.
  • End-user and admin side is 100% browser-based.
  • Products are assembled and delivered fast.
  • Prices on-line include end-to-end customer support.
  • Products require limited or no in-house IT support.
  • Products can be combined with other Aestiva products.


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